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Unique badge top 50; News; About; English; Deutsch; Français; Suomi; Italiano; Türkçe; Nederlands; Español; Português; Dansk; All 8,918 badges in Habbo.de. Last updated: 1 second ago. 1-1000; 1001-2000; 2001-3000 ; 3001-4000; 4001-5000; 5001-6000; 6001-7000; 7001-8000; 8001-8918; Police-Force-Bündel . BAB04 found on 23 November 2020 . it's more than just music . DE60E found on 20. Keep up with Habbo 2020 news. Check out our wiki for the latest Habbo 2020 updates, releases and news - updated daily! Keep up with Habbo 2020 news. Join our team . Whether you're a music fan, a writer, a builder or designer, we've got roles for you! Apply now to join our friendly & active staff team. Join our team. DJ Loading... Now playing: Loading..... Latest Badges. latest badges. You're. Download the Habbo app onto an iPhone or iPad from the app store. Afterwards, open the application and log onto your Habbo account. Note: If you have more than one avatar on your account, you will need to select which avatar to give the badge to. You will receive your badge upon logging into your account on an Apple mobile device

Welcome to Habbolando. This fansite is planned, developed and administrated by young people. Since 2015 and only for you Habbo Badges 6577 badges from Habbo. Tips: Enter ACH_ in the search box to view all ahievements Note: All badges was added on 12/04/2014. Clear. Blue Rune Rock X2018 Found on 9 hours ago. Green Rune Rock X2019 Found on 9 hours ago. Purple Rune Rock X2020 Found on 9 hours ago. Pink Rune Rock X2021 Found on 9 hours ago. Yellow Rune Rock X2022 Found on 9 hours ago. Rock Elder X2023 Found on 9. Habbo.com Badges (6546) Try it now! Try it now! Try it now! Open in a new window.*Be warned that there's over 2,000 images in that page. Latest 50 badges foun HabboQuests is an official Fansite for Habbo Hotel which aims to provide you with the latest Badge guides and answers. We also offer other tools like Forums, Radio, Events, Habbo Imagers, Habbo Info Lookup, News and Rumours and much more

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HabMusic.de ist ein innovatives Sonderprojekt zum Habbo Hotel Deutschland. Wir bieten dir unter erstklassiger Musikalischer Begleitung viele sagenhafte Extras. Dein offizielles Webradio zum deutschen Habbo Hotel! Home HabMusic Unser Team TeamSpeak Partner Über uns Kontakt. News HabMusic Habbo Eventlösungen. Radio Grußbox Tracklist Sendeplan Stammsendungen. Events Übersicht Beats Fashion. Badges sind sehr beliebt im Habbo Hotel. Jeder Habbo, der gerne Badges sammelt möchte alle Badges, oder die meisten besitzen. Badges erhaltet man, wenn man bestimmte Voraussetzungen, die man im Bonussystem nachsehen kann erledigt hat. Die meisten Badges enthalten Stufen von 1-10, oder von 1-20. Alle neuen Habbos erhalten automatisch das Tauschpass-Badge und das neue Indendität Badge. Man.

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Do you want to get 5 free badges inside Habbo? You just need to visit some room and collect. Follow this tutorial and find out how! Search: Birlibirloque Roo.. The Habbo Helpers badge is one of the very limited badges still available to have achieved. This badge is some what rare due to only 5000 users can gain access to it by by joining the exclusive group of the Habbo Helpers. To this day you have a 1 out of 3000 users chance to obtain this badge as majority of group users have been in active over the course of these years

Legendary Badge of the Ox. Habbo Chinese New Year 2013. Free Hugs Day 2009. Someone gave me a hug! <3. Safety Survey Badge. Received for filling out a Safety survey! See all. Friends (5 out of 45) *: backside of the tv,U-_-la diablita | 360;* i have mink tattoed on me. See all. Rooms. x. Group room. Suomi group room. Stock / Varasto. Zoo / Eläintarha. Rare room base. See all . Groups. mink. x. Diesen Monat könnt ihr dieses Teilnehmerbadge auf playHab.FM gewinnen! Ich bin bereeeit! - Radiopunkte Sammler | November . Ihr müsst nichts weiter tun als in den Sendungen der Radio Moderatoren im Habbo anwesend sein & Radiopunkte gewinnen

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